Lion’s Gate Portal Message

2 min readAug 9, 2021

The night of 8/8/21, during the Archaic African-Astrological Lions Gate Portal. I dreamt that, as if I had helped create or manifest it from the ether, the universe gave me a unique cosmic instrument made of small interlocking mirrors that magnetized light to generate a powerful focused energy…

Everyone should be listening to connecting with and making offerings to their queer and femme and savage (uncolonized) and African ancestors rn, regardless of how you personally identify… IYKYK.

And yes errybody got em. (Slow your role; you may owe many lifetimes of apologias…)

Communally, respectfully to start.

🧬♾🌚✨#lionsgate #ancestralwisdom #Blackpower #Blackmagick

And nawl I ain’t giving away shit that wasn’t stolen already… Appropriation can’t won’t and don’t work to manifest shite that way. Ancestral Protection technology is not that easily hacked. Especially without the um [🖤🗝].

…. This is guidance ONLY for those already on the path, encouragement for those like me making it by walking.


The concepts of whiteness and cismasculinity are severely toxic and must continue to break beyond repair.

  • Do not identify with them, ever. but if you are either don’t fight with others about them — (ESPECIALLY NOT, AND THIS SHOULD BE OBVIOUS, BUT IN CASE IT IS NOT: DO NOT ARGUE ABOUT YOUR COLONIZER IDENTITY WITH BIPOC/NONWHITE/NONCISMALE PEOPLE).
  • Be and be vocal (especially with other white/cismale people) about your status as IN RECOVERY from these violent colonial systems, and in solidarity with Black Indigenous POC LGBTQIA2+ 2/3world communities/people oppressed majorities.
  • That recovery MUST NECESSARILY be sustainably working to pay reparations and get land back for Black and Indigenous people on Turtle Island and globally.

As for the rest of us, the future matriarchs, the Black MaGes, Indigenous mothers, Black mothers, and Indigenous mages… centrally, it is our time to rest, imagine, find, manifest peace grown from the seeds within our hearts’ deepest desires…, to dream, daydream, and, above all (forgive me lol), to ASCEND!




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