Corona Care

8 min readMar 16, 2020

What I am doing/recommending for myself and my family as a relatively healthy and able bodied single Black mom with a roof over my head; herbalist, yoga, doula, activist, permaculture training; and an educated traveler background… FWIW.

I did once survive a pandemic LIKE situation at a remote and rural hippie commune by washing my hands religiously (where many others were not and soap was actually discouraged). Dishes were cleaned with ash and vinegar. Although at least 20 people did, I did not get sick, even though I spent days accompanying violently ill people to a hospital an hour away by bus.

TLDR? EVERYBODY STAY HOME. If AT RISK, start taking preventative medicine NOW! Please. Take Care. And wash your hands!

  1. Take everything offered here with a grain of salt. I am not a doctor. Or a scientist. Also salt is a disinfectant and kills germs. Gargle with salt water once a day (and brush your teeth twice) keep your mouth free from diseases. If you like magical energetic work, put a small bowl of salt in the corners of your house to repel and absorb negative vibes.
  2. Vitamin C. Take whatever amount you feel comfortable but if at all vulnerable or prone/maybe sick then I would take AT LEAST 1000mg/day. If Really feeling sick then AT LEAST 3Kmg/day (1K 3x daily).
  3. Raw garlic. Add to sandwiches, guacamole, salads, on top of pasta or bread with butter just chew it up though.
  4. Raw onions. Not as powerful as garlic BUT it can help disinfect the air/space by cutting and leaving face up in corners of the room/house.
  5. Wash your hands. sing a song while you do to make sure you’re doing the most.
  6. Drink water. Stay hydrated. Also keep water stocked up. Filter water and store. if you feel really dehydrated try to find and…

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