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Everyone should…

Whitney Sparks | July, 2021

a poem by Whitney Sparks

Black lives matter to the wildflowers

Black lives matter to the trees

Black lives matter to the Oceans

Black life matters in the Sea

Black life matters to the Hummingbirds

Black lives matter to the Hawks

Black Lives Matter to the raindrops

Black lives matter…

Whitney Sparks on her Hoodoovolution

Most of y’all know that I’m not Christian (xtian). Some of y’all probably know that I Never have been. But let me clarify that this has almost nothing to do with doubting the Nazarene’s life, death, ressurrection, or miracles and everything to do with distance & boundaries from his modern…

Happy New Year! 2021 is here! 2020 is finally over! We beat that level. Moment of silence and pour out some liquor and libations for those who did not make it through. We miss you. We carry your spirits forward as you elevate.

The US was formed through the ongoing attempted genocide of Native people. It was built on stolen land by stolen lives. capitalism had to be invented through the forced separation between (many) indigenous people and our lands and plants.

But DYK? Capitalism was created through the violently enforced separation of…

Mother Earth is not a fucking white woman; we’d all be dead from neglect if she was.

Boundaries is a means of channeling energy. Not a way to stockpile privilege.

Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Mother Water, Mother Fire, Mother Air… they are ALL, if NOTHING else, WILD AS FUCK.

Three of my Great Great Grandmothers, L-R: Louella, Jemima, and Henrietta.

As much as I admire depend upon and am inspired by all of the many beautiful Black womxn and MAGEs who do it all… providing us with the very foundation and the very best content…

I always like to take my time to observe and compliment the BW who are…

What I am doing/recommending for myself and my family as a relatively healthy and able bodied single Black mom with a roof over my head; herbalist, yoga, doula, activist, permaculture training; and an educated traveler background… FWIW.

I did once survive a pandemic LIKE situation at a remote and rural…


making stories visual + leading outside yoga + telling art narratives

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