Whitney Sparks | July, 2021

“In ancient Egypt, the name Sirius signified its nature as scorching or sparkling. The star was associated with the Egyptian gods Osiris, Sopdet and other gods. Ancient Egyptians noted that Sirius rose just before the sun each year immediately prior to the annual flooding of the Nile River. Although the floods could bring destruction, they also brought new soil and new life. Osiris was an Egyptian god of life, death, fertility and rebirth of plant life along the Nile. Sopdet — who might have an even closer association with the star Sirius — began as…

a poem by Whitney Sparks

Black lives matter to the wildflowers

Black lives matter to the trees

Black lives matter to the Oceans

Black life matters in the Sea

Black life matters to the Hummingbirds

Black lives matter to the Hawks

Black Lives Matter to the raindrops

Black lives matter to the rocks

Black lives matter to the deer

Black lives matter to the fox

Black lives matter to the panther

Black life matters to the ox

Black lives matter to the fish

Black lives matter to the fowl

Black lives matter to the horses

Black lives matter to the…

Whitney Sparks on her Hoodoovolution

Most of y’all know that I’m not Christian (xtian). Some of y’all probably know that I Never have been. But let me clarify that this has almost nothing to do with doubting the Nazarene’s life, death, ressurrection, or miracles and everything to do with distance & boundaries from his modern followers. Yes ALL of y’all. And it isn’t personal either. As in, no individual good xtian (much like no individual ‘good cop’ could convince me that police should not be abolished) could change my mind. …

Happy New Year! 2021 is here! 2020 is finally over! We beat that level. Moment of silence and pour out some liquor and libations for those who did not make it through. We miss you. We carry your spirits forward as you elevate.

“When it’s going on 1000 years…”

— Solange, FUBU

10 days after the Great Conjunction but it feels like the blink of an eye — like we accomplished a feat of time travel. if you 👁 w your 3️⃣rd eye 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ = a year for DEEP Shadow Work. I am proud of how I channeled my energy

Mother Earth is not a fucking white woman; we’d all be dead from neglect if she was.

Boundaries is a means of channeling energy. Not a way to stockpile privilege.

Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Mother Water, Mother Fire, Mother Air… they are ALL, if NOTHING else, WILD! WILD AS FUCK.

I trust you recognize, by Now…. in 2020, she’s reminding us.

Wild women do as they please, to quote my divination teacher, Ifasayo. Wild women don’t get the blues. And well behaved women rarely make history!

Colonizers have written all the history books they put in the modern education system…

Why do I keep saying that?

Because we get killed in our homes

Because we struggle to keep a home

Because we have been displaced over and over and over again

Because it’s personal to me.

I have had homes taken away from me again and again

I have had the cops called on me in my home

I have witnessed the domestic violence of my mother

I have experienced domestic violence on multiple occasions

because I have been threatened with violence in my home

I have been told by a then so called friend that I deserve to have violence inflicted on me in my…

Three of my Great Great Grandmothers, L-R: Louella, Jemima, and Henrietta.

As much as I admire depend upon and am inspired by all of the many beautiful Black womxn and MAGEs who do it all… providing us with the very foundation and the very best content…

I always like to take my time to observe and compliment the BW who are instead of producing and working, relaxing. Doing nothing. Spoiling themselves. Being highly melanated, unbusy, and unbothered. Chilling. Resting. Healing in unseen ways.

“Sometimes you have to be a high flying bitch.”

— Grace Jones, Grace Jones: Bloodlight & Bami

Unseen being the key word. Healing like it is: none of…

What I am doing/recommending for myself and my family as a relatively healthy and able bodied single Black mom with a roof over my head; herbalist, yoga, doula, activist, permaculture training; and an educated traveler background… FWIW.

I did once survive a pandemic LIKE situation at a remote and rural hippie commune by washing my hands religiously (where many others were not and soap was actually discouraged). Dishes were cleaned with ash and vinegar. …

Asking for help is really important. It is revolutionary. Yet a lot of people express discomfort with doing it. Normalize asking for help: Ask for help!

Normalize Asking for Help!

Here’s why I love asking for help as a radical care practice.

  1. Because I often get some help. And that really helps! We all need help. It’s totally natural and by design and for the greater good. Asking for help is an expression of that innate nature and we should do so with pride! Joy, and definitely not shame. Why bother being ashamed of being human?
    When you see someone ask…

An Art Installation by Whitney Sparks

Whitney Sparks is an artist mother writer and queer Black femme agitator (organizer doula herbalist yoga teacher permaculturist) who grew up in Silicon Valley and Saratoga. She has lived nomadically all around the world and earned degrees from Yale and a Masters in Fine Art from Zurich University of the Arts.

Angry Black Girl Magical Realism is an installation in three parts:

Ancient Future: The Noose as Umbilical Cord ~ this collection of mixed media artwork from 2018 explores the cosmic realm of ancestral knowledge as a powerful magical and/or spiritual force of Blackness that can land on Earth in…


making stories visual + leading outside yoga + telling art narratives patreon.com/whitneysparks

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